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*Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

What is Hypno-Type

Disclaimer: People with epilepsy or who are sensitive to flashing lights/images are strongly advised against using this software as it could exacerbate their existing condition.

How to Setup

How it Works


Hypno-Type is unlike any typing training method you’ve used before. It works in tandem with your subconscious without you having to spend hours practicing to memorise the hand-key coordination. It works on your memory subliminally to etch the keyboard patterns in your mind.


Conscious memories are quickly forgotten. Subconscious memories are the most reliable and permanent. The software was developed and tested by a team of expert hypnotists over 5 years and works with the subconscious mind’s instant reaction to sexual imagery and the most up to date subliminal software with amazing effects

Testimonials about Hypno-type

I'm somewhat faster and maybe somewhat more accurate. Continued usage should continue improvement. Even a 10-15% improvement frees up 10-15% of the time to focus on other responsibilities. I recommend this program

Patrick GarrisonData Processing Manager, Cornell University, USA

It was a pleasant experience to use your software, it has helped me to increase my typing speed considerably.

Hirak ChatterjeeDepartment of Chemistry, Assam University, INDIA

It has definitely helped my speed increase

Oliver WilsonLondon, UK

I had noticed a marked improvement. My glances at the keyboard have been less and typing errors fewer ... my type speed has noticeably improved

David NjorogeKenya
learn to touch type