About Us

It started in early in 2011. I’d used hypnotherapy to kick a 60-a-day cigarette habit.

In The Beginning

This got me into hypnotherapy in a big way. I decided to train as a hypnotherapist. My trainer, former UK Harley Street and renowned global hypnotherapy specialist Dr Leila Edwards gave me a hypnosis CD to boost my training. In this CD she described how powerful implicit/hypnotic/subliminal learning is. Implicit learning is how professional typists/pianists don’t think when they type/play – they just do it. This means that they can focus their conscioud minds on the feel of the music or the flow of the words.

At the time I was working on a thesis titled “The Power of Subliminal Advertising” with my wife another qualified hypnotherapist and psychologist and had read a lot of research on how powerful this technique was in marketing and selling products.

One day I had a light bulb moment and asked why not use the methods implied in Subliminal/Hypnotic Advertising to teach people to type which in essence is the process of subconsciously learning the different patterns of a keyboard.

So with my wife and some colleagues we set about checking how much research and work had been carried out in this area. As it turned out – not a lot.

We therefore set about carrying out our own research and developing the Hypnotype product to remove the long hours needed to learn to speed type.

– Your unique personality – Obsessive compulsiveness needed to smoke 60 cigarettes/day which I have honed to obsess on projects that benefit humanity. I am also extremely driven as a result of an accident which resulted in a back injury which almost rendered my completely disabled for almost a decade. After having spent years fighting back from and recovering from this injury using ‘Alternative Medicine’ such as Chiropractry, Acupuncture and Craniosacral, I attained a new lease on live where I cherish every minute and use this drive to improve my entrepreneurial projects.