A: About Hypnotype

Q: What are the most effective settings to use when running Hypnotype?

A: It is recommended that you use the Default Settings. These settings are the most invisible to the Conscious Mind but still easily visible to the Subconscious Mind so very effective You simply

  • Select the settings
  • then click default
  • then choose the sex preference for the movies
  • then turn on the program

Q: How long do I have to use Hypnotype before its effects become long term or permanent?

A: This is a complex answer because there are so many variables at play e.g. receptive state, relaxation level, etc. of user. In general, research has shown it takes around 30 days continuous use to achieve full effect. “Indigo Mind Labs [2015]”

Q: Can I take days off using Hypnotype? Do I need to use it every day?

A: Hypnotype is designed around the expectation that you will use it every day, for multiple hours a day. If you use it less than this, it will take longer to receive benefits. We strongly recommend that you never miss a day using a subliminal for the 30 day trial period.
If you miss days of usage, you can use this rule of thumb to figure out how to recover your results:
If you miss up to 7 days in the 30 day period, consecutive or otherwise, add 1.5 days of usage for each missed day to end of the run, rounding up. If you miss 8 or more days, you should start the clock all over again, and use the program as if you are just starting it for the first time.

Q: English is not my first/primary language. Will Hypnotype work for me?

A: The simple answer is yes, however Hypnotype Version 1 is only designed for English language keyboards. Future versions will incorporate other international keyboards.

Q: What time of day / when is it best to use this software?

A: Research has shown that it is best to use this software when you are relaxed. Stress reduces and even negates the effect of the software.

Q: Do I have to believe in the hypnotic techniques used in Hypnotype for them to work?

A: In short, no. You do not have to “believe in” this science for it to work for you. If you were required to “believe”, they would be working based on the placebo effect only. That is to say – they would not actually work. Anyone who tells you that you need to “believe in them” for them to work, is either referring to poorly or incorrectly designed software, or does not understand how properly made programming works.
Hypnotype has been designed by experts with Masters Degrees and PhDs from legitimate UK and international educational institutions and many decades of experience at the top of their respective fields, including psychology, FMRI/DOT research [see below question], computer programming and concept art. The program was a concept for 3 years before a 2 year development phase, using a combination of the latest techniques in the above fields, combined with actual research from FMRI and DOT studies.

Q: Do I need to visualize myself achieving the goal for Hypnotype to work?

A: No. Visualization is not necessary for Hypnotype to work. You just turn on the program, adjust the settings to your preferences, switch the program on and forget about it.
However, if you want to speed up or try to enhance your results, visualization can help with that, as long as you visualize yourself having already achieved exactly the same goal as Hypnotype is aiming for.

B: Scientific Research

Q: What are MRI, FMRI and DOT techniques?

A: MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a scan that measures the biology of the brain and can locate head injuries, cancer etc.
FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and DOT (Diffuse Optical Tomography) are a different type of scan than MRI. These scans analyze oxygen use in different areas of the brain for different tasks, e.g. sex, reading, counting, and typing etc., thereby allowing Hypnotype scientists to ascertain the best scientific methods to target these specific areas of the brain for hypnotic subconscious training.
Both FMRI and DOT scans use different methods: FMRI uses powerful magnets to directly analyze blood flow in the brain and DOT involves wearing a cap which shines LED lights through the head to analyze blush patterns (changes in color), which indicate increased oxygen use in different parts of the brain, in the same way that a person’s cheeks changing color when they blush, would indicate increased oxygen use in the blood vessels of the cheeks.
An example of FMRI/DOT research: FMRI has identified that reading books use the same part of the brain as remembering long term memories, which confirms why for centuries reading has brought such pleasure.

Q: What evidence is there to show that the hypnotizing subconscious scientific methods used in Hypnotype actually work?

  • There has been a massive expansion in research studies carried out using functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) and more recently diffuse optical tomography (DOT), from a handful per year in 2003, to more than 30,000 per year in 2013. Source: Click to view source information
    Hypnotype is designed based on the results of studies where the same parts of the brain trigger oxygen use when carrying out different functions e.g. viewing images of letters and also images that trigger sexual stimulation.
    This has been known in marketing for decades with bodies such as Pepsi, Cineplex among thousands of others consciously branding their products with the letters SEX.
  • Hypnotype is designed to work with the capabilities of the subconscious mind of making basic mathematical and analytical calculations.
  • Previously it was thought that the Conscious Mind did 100% of this analytical brain work. But it has been shown that the Subconscious is capable of simple mathematical calculations e.g. 4+5=9 and that the Subconscious Mind is much more capable than previously thought.

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Q: What is binocular vision and how does Hypnotype make use of this ability of the brain?

A: Binocular Vision: is where the conscious brain uses two eyes with overlapping fields of view, allowing good perception of depth, to develop a 3D image of an object.
However research has shown that if there are different images in front of the left and right eyes at the same time, the conscious mind cannot process both images at the same time. Example: an orange to the left of the left eye (so the right eye cant see) & an apple to the right of the right eye (so the left eye cant see), the conscious brain switches very quickly between viewing the orange then the apple and the orange and on and on. This happens so quickly the brain fools the conscious mind into thinking that it is seeing both at the same time.
Research has shown however that the subconscious mind can see both images at the same time. Hypnotype uses this ability by attracting the subconscious with the attractive image and letting the subconscious mind also view the letter that is embedded in the same image.

Q: I read a study that said that subliminals don’t work. How can you claim they do?

A: Research into subliminals has been going on for decades. There is a great deal of research that supports both sides of the coin. However, if you look carefully at the research that supports the point of view that subliminals do not work, you will see that all of it has one or more of the following things in common:

  • The researcher began with a bias against the validity of subliminals, and manipulated his or her experiment(s) to show that conclusion.
  • The researcher(s) did not sufficiently understand the subconscious mind, or subliminals, to create and execute an experiment that was valid.
  • The experiment itself was faulty in some way.
  • The analysis of the results or the conclusion was faulty in some way.
  • The tested subliminals were not created or used properly to be effective as subliminals.

There is a great deal of evidence that subliminal visuals and other types of subliminals do actually work. It can be found in scholarly databases or just product advertisements – see the Pepsi can cover subliminal advertisements in above question “Q: What evidence is there to show that the hypnotizing subconscious scientific methods used in Hypnotype actually work?” Properly made and used, subliminal images are effective. We invite you to prove this for yourself by using our program and seeing the results firsthand.

C: Hypnotype: Subconscious, Subliminals & Hypnosis

Q: What are the Subliminal Images that are used in Hypnotype?

A: The word “subliminal” literally means “below the threshold” in Latin. It refers to information that is too faint for you to see consciously, but that is still detected and recorded by your subconscious mind. (It can also refer to information your conscious mind detects, but has decided to ignore in favor of other, more obvious, important or interesting information.) Subliminal information can pertain to any of the five physical senses, but for the purposes of the programs we offer, it always refers to visual subconscious subliminal.
Visual subconscious subliminals are useful for making direct changes to the subconscious– programs such as Hypnotype, which embeds the complex image of a keyboard in your permanent subconscious memory to be used as long as you are alive.

Q: What is resistance, and how do I deal with it?

A: Resistance to subliminal messages is when some part or parts of your awareness is at odds with the new programming a subliminal is attempting to install, and tries to reject, avoid, stop or otherwise refuse it. Resistance to subliminals can be complex and there are several types. In some cases the resistance is conscious, and is overcome by a willing subconscious, or consciously thwarting an unwilling conscious. In other cases, it is both conscious and subconscious, or just subconscious only.

Q: How does Hypnotype overcome resistance?

A: Hypnotype imagery and software has been redesigned and tested over 2 years with multiple subjects to take advantage of instinctive instant sexual reaction, which overrides resistance to subliminal images, to ensure the best possible success rates when using this product.
The subconscious mind does build up resistance when viewing the same images repeatedly; therefore Hypnotype images have been redesigned by graphic animation specialists in conjunction with our team of hypnotists. Changes have been made to the background image used to attract the subconscious to the image of each letter of the alphabet. Resistance is then overcome by the subconscious mind looking at a different background image but the same letter image.
Research has shown that for images that attract the subconscious sexually that minimal change in size or perspective (point of view) of a sexual image is all that is needed to overcome resistance.

Q: I’ve heard that there is no such thing as a “subconscious mind”. How can your products work if that’s true?

A: Quite obviously, it cannot be true. No renowned/famous subject matter experts on areas of the Subconscious Mind deny the subconscious mind exists, it is mighty hard to explain more than a hundred years of experiences, observations, experiments and facts without one.
If the subconscious mind does not exist, then hypnosis, NLP and subliminals must all be invalid.
However, properly implemented, they all do work, and this has been known for hundreds of years (in the case of hypnosis). The earliest specific research into subliminal perception dates back to the 1700’s by Fraz Mesmer, who the terms ‘Mesmerism/Mesmerize’ were coined after, the most recent major major new field NLP was developed the 1970’S by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Hundreds of other successful techniques and methods have been developed in the intervening years by specialists such as Sigmund Freud and Victor Frankyl. But all major methods are all well known to work, and cannot be explained without the existence of a subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind does indeed exist, and it is evidenced every day when someone does something without consciously thinking about it. It is impossible to explain how a subliminal image that a person is not even consciously aware of seeing, can result in, for example, their successfully learning to type like a professional without any practice, an outcome of experiments we have shown – if there is no subconscious mind, especially considering the way the Hypnotype subliminal software was built. To the conscious mind, it is as if nothing is happening, therefore to skeptics of the subconscious it is not.
Our conclusion: There is a subconscious mind, and with the weight of evidence – millions of people studying psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP, etc., we don’t see how anyone, no matter what their credentials are, can reasonably deny its existence.

Q: Can the subconscious mind disagree with the conscious mind?

A: It is possible for the conscious and subconscious minds to disagree, or accept conflicting things as being true. Whenever this happens, the subconscious mind will always be dominant and “win” the disagreement in the end, even if the conscious mind has been dominant in the short run.
Example: A person who is overweight, gets fed up with being overweight, and makes a conscious decision to achieve a specific goal weight. They succeed in consciously dominating the subconscious responses and actually achieving their goal weight. However they will almost always then return to the weight they started from after a few months or years. This is because the subconscious program was not changed, but the conscious mind dominated the subconscious for long enough to achieve the conscious goal weight. Once it was achieved, the motivation disappeared, the person relaxed, and the subconscious again took control. As it was running the same program that caused the original weight issue, the person puts the weight back on.
Any weight loss specialist can confirm that very few people who consciously dominate their subconscious in that way will maintain their new weight, because they have also changed the subconscious program that triggered it in the first place.
The conscious mind must rest, but the subconscious mind never rests, never sleeps, and never stops trying to execute as true whatever it has accepted as being true. This is why it will always dominate in the end, unless you change the accepted program it is running.

Q: How do I put subliminals on my iPad, iPhone, or other iOS device?

A: Visual subliminals cannot currently work on Apple hardware when another application is running as it is designed to run 1 application at a time. Only Windows software currently allows for multiple applications to run at the same time which is needed to use visual subliminal software.

D: What Software/Hardware is used to Run Hypnotype?

Q: What operating platforms will the software work on?

A: The software will only work on Microsoft Windows. For what it will not work on; see Question – “How do I put subliminals on my iPad, iPhone, or other iOS device?” above for explanation.

Q: How do you run Hypnotype on your TV?

A: Please refer to the short (circa 1 minute) Movie on the Information page for how to easily run Hypnotype using a HTMI cable or Bluetooth.

Q: Do you sell HTMI cables on your website?

A: No, As HTMI cables can be purchased at most establishments that sell electronic goods in the user’s neighborhood; Hypnotype Ltd. feels that the time and extra cost taken to ship cables at the same cost to enable use of Hypnotype in this way makes shipping unviable.

Q: Do you sell CDs?

A: No, We only offer Hypnotype in a downloadable format only, and we will not be going back to offering CDs in the near future, if ever.

Q: How do I put Hypnotype on my Tablet/Smart Phone which uses Windows 8 and 10 metro style – (Non-Apple)?

A: We get this one a lot and unfortunately there are no real solutions here and no direct way to circumvent this.
See Question above – “How do I put subliminals on my iPad, iPhone, or other iOS device?” Windows tablet and smart phone software is like apple software; in that it allows one application’s user interface to be visual on the screen at any one time.
To work, Hypnotype requires multiple applications user interfaces to run at the same time.

E: Hypnotype Health & Safety

Q: Does using Hypnotype present any Health and Safety issues?

  • Hypnotype contains flashing images. DO NOT load if you are susceptible to health problems due to flashing images. Seek medical advice if you are unsure.
  • DO NOT use if you suffer from epilepsy, if you are photosensitive, or suffer from any serious mental disorder, if you are pregnant, if you wear a pacemaker, if you are prone to seizures, or if you are under the influence of mood altering medication or drugs.
  • Hypnotype may induce a state of hypnosis. DO NOT load if you are susceptible to health problems due to hypnosis. Seek medical advice if you are unsure.
  • We also recommend that users of Hypnotype should be over 18 years of age as there have been cases where teenagers reported in Science Journals who have been induced into a state of hypnosis and it was difficult to bring them back to consciousness.
  • Seek medical advice consult your physician if you are unsure of any of these warnings.

Q: Are Subliminals in Hypnotype dangerous to use?
Example: Does Hypnotype use the same brainwashing methods as seen in the movie “The Island” with Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor?

No, the subliminal software and the embedded images are designed to provide as positive and enjoyable an experience as possible and to embed one image (the keyboard) and no other data in the subconscious so there is no danger. All the specially designed hypnotic images can be easily seen when the program is run in its slowest mode, exposing each image for 0.5 seconds. So rest assured there is nothing hidden. Hypnotype simply speeds up a natural process of engraining the image of the keyboard in the Subconscious Mind for life.
Professional piano players and secretaries have images of their keyboards ingrained in their subconscious picture database which enable them to play music/type effortlessly without even thinking about it or looking at the keyboard.
This is very similar to how images of less complex objects e.g. animals, cars, famous faces etc. are ingrained in your subconscious memory, so when someone asks you “don’t think of an image of a Superman”, an image of a Superman automatically pops into your conscious from your sub-conscious memory.
However the process of ingraining complex images’ in the subconscious memory is more difficult than that of ingraining ‘less-complex’.
‘Less complex’ images are instantly ingrained in your subconscious mind after one viewing. So whenever a word e.g. “Ferrari” is said to you in later years into adulthood and old age that image first seen at the car show instantly jumps into the conscious mind. This is the same way that if someone ate ice-cream at the age of 3 and then never ate again until they were 73, they would instantly remember the taste of ice-cream that they had as an infant 70 years later. The human brain is an amazing thing! For ‘complex images’ like piano key boards however; years of practice was previously required to ingrain these images and sounds into the subconscious to allow effortless use. However Hypnotype has been developed so that practice can be done subconsciously and therefore users are not aware of the practice. It is as if no practice is required and learning is instantaneous. Therefore after 30 days of using Hypnotype as per guidelines, huge improvements will be witnessed in the level of expertise of the user without any conscious practice.

Q: Why should I buy your Hypnotype? Why can’t I design my own hypnotic images and subliminal software?

A: Yes, you can design your own software but the chances of the images being even marginally as effective as the Hypnotype images, is very slim. The subliminal software is specially designed to offer the best platform to present Hypnotype images as possible.
Designing these images safely and effectively to avoid “resistance effects” (see Question above “How does Hypnotype overcome resistance?”) is not just as simple as designing artwork, and even if you happen to be trained in hypnosis or NLP, you may not be aware of all the quirks of how to properly, safely and effectively design the image.
The artwork imbedded in Hypnotype was designed by a team of Hypnotists and respected and renowned Concept Artists over a period of 2 years involving 1000’s of man hours to get the many embedded hypnotic effects such as the “Fluency Effect” to merge naturally into a seamless Hybrid image of letters and attractive body parts.
The original concept imagery was then improved using trial and error basis over these 2 years based on the success and failure of researched psychological tests using FMRI and DOT analysis. The images were thereafter altered to get the maximum attractive effect from test subjects.
Making a mistake in your image, when it comes to subliminal artwork, is not a small matter. You can cause yourself or someone else serious issues.
Example: In the early tests of Hypnotype, where the design team were themselves the Guinea Pigs, a design flaw became apparent in one of the female images which triggered a “repulsion” reaction in one of the artists, in that she had feelings of nausea (vomiting) and shock upon being exposed to one this particular images due to it triggering a repressed memory. Testing was immediately stopped, until the flaw was located and made safe. This is one of a number of true cases, although the image error will likely not trigger such a violent reaction in most users.
If a user wants confirmation please forward an email request using the ‘Contact Us’ section and we will gladly supply you the image with an explanation of the reaction which will undoubtedly convince you of the dangers of poorly designed replicates of Hypnotype Software.
Hypnotype testing was not resumed again until extensive research was carried out on the dangers of using Subliminals imagery for those who are susceptible to negative reactions, including those sufferers with Irlen Syndrome, Scotopic Sensitivity Disorder, Epilepsy, Light Sensitivity, Tunnel Vision, Repressed Trauma both physical and mental – (see question – “Does Hypnotype present any Health and Safety Issues”).
The likely result of prolonged exposure to such an image with an unintended design flaw could uncover strong negative feelings of fear, nausea, aggression, etc., which could negatively affect your own life quality. In the grand scheme of things, the mistake in the image was very small, and was easily corrected but it could have had a more serious outcome.
Hypnotype was always created with the goal of being safe, useful and effective. The program was not launched until it was proven entirely safe and as much research carried out to confirm this as possible. With Hypnotype, safety always comes first.
Don’t take the chance and learn the hard way. Rely on trusted, qualified, experienced experts for your subliminal programs. Rely on us. Rely on Hypnotype.

Q: Does Hypnotype put a person in a trance?

A: The simple answer is no, never.
Hypnotype is designed to bi-pass your conscious mind without the conscious ever knowing and without the users going into a trance. The images are designed to be mildly sexually stimulating and thus enjoyable. They are not designed and will not put you in a state of hypnotic trance.
The designers purposefully built Hypnotype to be without such effects that would induce a state of hypnosis, so that users can run it on their work station/laptop/PC and users can go on about their everyday work without being affected.
(Unfortunately Hypnotype will not work on tablets as they run the incompatible Windows or other Apple devices as apple software is incompatible – see Section D (above): What Software/Hardware is used to Run Hypnotype?
Surprisingly most humans (except some differently abled people e.g. autistics) go into natural trances multiple times a day. Examples

  • When you are driving the 20km trip to work and all of a sudden you arrive at the office without remembering how you got there and it was like you left the house only 1 minute ago, you have been in a subconscious trance
  • When you are in the shower and can’t remember if you have used the shampoo or not, your subconscious in control of your activities.
  • When you are watching your favorite soap opera on the TV and your brother/sister/father/mother/husband/wife/child is beside you shouting “Do you want a cup of Tea” and you never hear them, you are fully hypnotized and in the subconscious.

Hypnotype does make use of this last scenario and when the program is run in the background while you watch TV (see Question (above) “How do you run Hypnotype on your TV?”), while your favorite soap opera or a movie is running, Hypnotype is most effective when you are in such a natural trance.

Q: Do Hypnotype subliminals include mind control for alternate purposes?

A: Please see question– “are Subliminals Dangerous to Use?”
“Hypnotype and the embedded images are designed to provide as positive and enjoyable an experience as possible and there is no danger. All the specially designed hypnotic images can be easily seen and analyzed when the program is run in its slowest mode, exposing each image for 0.5 seconds. So rest assured there is nothing hidden. Hypnotype simply speeds up the natural learning process for complex tasks.”

Q: Will I lose control of myself (sexually) if I use Hypnotype?

A: No, It is a common fear that people have when they first discover subliminal imagery actually works, to think that they may lose control of themselves. However, that is not the case. If it was, there would not have been need for the years of research and development in dealing with, minimizing and getting past subconscious resistance, so that Hypnotype would be successful.
You cannot be made to lose control of yourself with subliminal imagery. Proof of this comes from years of research into creating effective subliminal aphrodisiac imagery. These have been in development since 2010, and to this day, there is no way to get someone to lose control and have sex with this method. The images in Hypnotype trigger an instantaneous but extremely short lived sexual sensation that is over before the conscious mind has time to react and get the user into trouble.
It is well known to the designers of Hypnotype that sex with work colleagues is seldom worth it, so be free from worry there Hypnotype that will be a trouble free experience.
Hypnotype subliminal images don’t take away your freedom. What they do is persuade your subconscious mind to focus in a specific direction for a millisecond, but that can be overridden by your conscious or subconscious minds if it is for some reason inappropriate.
Example: if the fire alarm in your office rings, the subconscious “fight or flight” instinct which is stronger than the sexual attraction instinct (generated by Hypnotype) will take over Hypnotype will no longer have any effect on you.

Q: How long should I use Hypnotype each day?

A: The longer you expose yourself every day, the more improved your typing skills will be, though evidence has shown that at least 1 hour a day is required for optimum results. Professional typists and piano players learned their skill in younger years through many hours (1-6) per day of practice in a similar way.
Though with some individuals, the use of Hypnotype), as with any subliminal brain training, causes fatigue after extended periods (greater than 2 hours), before we do advise that if users feel mentally fatigued that they only use the software for watching one movie a day or in the morning at work, to avoid increasing the natural afternoon fatigue.
Additionally, research has shown that eating energy boosting foods such as fruit between meals can also help avoid afternoon fatigue.
The Hypnotype process is really just practicing typing in a way that ingrains the image of a keyboard in your subconscious mind that will speed up your typing skills in the same way as practicing a piano constantly improves your skills.
The important thing is that you practice every day if possible.
Remember the old adage “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice”

Q: Remember the old adage “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice” Q: Can I use Hypnotype with subliminals software made by other companies, or hypnosis, etc.?

A: Rule #1: Existing research strongly advises that individuals DO NOT mix subliminals from different producers. It cannot be emphasized enough! Different producers use different design techniques. Different techniques based on different levels of understanding of the subconscious mind, and techniques which are often kept secret because of trade secrets, licenses etc. Different techniques may cause unpredictable or negative results. It is strongly advised that individuals don’t mix programs from different producers, and don’t use programs from more than one producer within 32 days of each other.
Rule #2: If individuals use a subliminal that causes increased stress, distress, upset, anxiety, or any other negative response – and you have been using subliminals from multiple producers within 30 days of each other – immediately stop using all programs including Hypnotype, and seriously consider stopping ALL subliminals for 30 to 90 days to allow the conflicting programming to be released.

Q: Is Hypnotype safe to use around children?

A: Do not expose children under 18 years of age, there have been numerous case studies which highlight the dangers of hypnosis on children, see Question: “Does using Hypnotype present any Health and Safety issues?”

Q: Is it okay to stop the program when I go out of the room?

A: Yes, but it is unnecessary, the program is designed to run in the back ground and missing part of the program will not affect the outcome reduce your improvement.

Q: I have tried other similar subliminal techniques and they failed to work. Why should I use Hypnotype?

A: We invite you to try Hypnotype for 31 days and if you are not totally satisfied that it has measurably improved your typing we offer a 100% money back guarantee. We have seen a number of skeptics and people who have resisted other subliminals or mind programming programs buy Hypnotype and use it for one month without requesting refund as they have seen amazing results in this short period. See for yourself.

F: Hypnotype Payment and Processing

Q: Is your website secure to order from?

A: Absolutely, We use virtually unbreakable 256 bit key based AES encryption during the ordering process to ensure your information remains private, and we do not collect credit card numbers, so you never have to worry that our database might be hacked and released to the public, or worse, criminals. All of our transactions are handled by reputable 3rd party payment processors, Stripe, PayPal etc., who store and handle all sensitive information.

Q: I’ve had my computer crash and I want to re-download my program(s). How do I do this?

A: Just contact us via our contact form and explain the situation. We will verify your purchase and help you from there.

Q: Do you have a money back guarantee?

A: Yes, we do. See question above “I have tried other similar subliminal techniques and they failed to work. Why should I use Hypnotype?”. In fact we believe we have the best money back guarantee in the business. You can read it and the rest of our related policies here under “Refund Policy”: Refund Policy Reference Link

Q: How do I get news of new releases if I don’t want to visit the site all the time?

A: You can get our news by following us on our forum “News” section, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, or by RSS on our /news/ url. If you only want big announcements, you can sign up for our newsletter. It’s at the bottom of the front page for our store. We don’t send newsletters very often, typically 2-3 times a year, and we don’t send spam. It’s also a great way to learn interesting new things about subliminals or the subconscious mind, and we usually have some special offers available only to people who get our, newsletter too. It is great value to sign up for – free.

Q: What payment options do you offer?

A: At the moment we offer PayPal, Google Checkout, Stripe and Dwolla. Not all programs will be available for purchase in the future through PayPal.

Q: What is the price of Hypnotype based on?

A: Our products and technologies are unique and exclusive and have a global patent. You should not be able to find them anywhere else, at any price. Please report to Hypnotype through our ‘Contact us’ tab if you are aware of any person or company who are marketing or selling a similar product.
We have these exclusive technologies because the Hypnotype Team never stops trying to improve the products. We are constantly doing new research, experimentation and development. If you want the best, you have to put in the time, effort and energy to get it. Or, you have to pay someone else to do it for you. Hypnotype represents the result of 5 years of research and development, plus 2 years of build time. It isn’t easy to build, so it isn’t cheap to buy.
Hypnotype is unique and the best you can get, and well worth the price. And if you disagree, we have the best refund policy around to back you up. For more details, see question “Do you have a money back guarantee?”
You can see Hypnotype subliminal programming in action for yourself by downloading and trying our Hypnotype for 31 days free. Most people, once they see what our products do, conclude that our prices are very reasonable. We agree.

Q: How big are your files in size?

A: Our Hypnotype V1 is around 63MB. Future versions will be larger in size and we will update this page as new products and versions are launched.

Q: Are there any discounts available?

Discounts are only available in the following ways.

  • If you purchase a program and we release the upgraded version within 60 days of your purchase, you are entitled to a 100% discount. After 60 days from the release of a program, there are no discounts.
  • If you have purchased a program at full price, and then you purchase the next version also. This entitles you to a 50% discount on the price of any version. This discount ONLY applies if you upgrade to the next consecutive version; if you have Version 2.0 and buy Version 3.0, you get the discount. If you wait and purchase Version 7.0 or later, there is no discount.
  • If you are from a reputable NGO (non-governmental organization), national or other not for profit organization that promotes reading and writing or trains illiterate adults to read and write, all versions of the Hypnotype will be offered at 90% discount of advertised sale value.
  • 90% of profits generated from the sale of Hypnoread software (due to launch Jan 2016), will be donated annually (every Jan 1st) and evenly, as per sales generated in that country to reputable NGOs, national or other not for profit organizations, in that country, that promote reading and writing or train illiterate adults to read and write. Example 90% of profits generated in the Philippines will be shared with organizations in that country. Confirmation of this will be published in our ‘News section” in www.hypno-type.com
  • If you are from a reputable government licensed educational establishment – secondary school, University Dept., Student Union, etc., all versions of the Hypnotype software will offered at discount of advertised sale value, please contact our sales team – contact details available on www.hypno-type.com.
    These are the ONLY regular ways to get a Hypnotype software product at a discounted price.
    We also have sales once or twice a year, usually on September 1st (to commemorate the birthday of the business, born September 1st 2010) or on January 1st, to allow you a chance to get things at a discount before our yearly price adjustments.

Q: How do I receive my programs after I order them?

A: All of our programs are made available to you immediately after payment in the form of downloadable files. We do not offer CDs or any physical product.

G: Copyright Protection

Q: What will trigger your copy protection?

A: Anything that results in a transfer of value without equal and fair value being returned.
If you purchase a Hypnotype Product, and download to your computer, we consider that fair use.
If you buy a copy of a program, and someone else is consistently using it while you are not being exposed, that is not fair use. A person other than the owner is getting value from the program, and that would trigger the copy protection.
If you give a copy to someone else, upload a copy to a pirate site, download a pirated copy, distribute a pirated copy or use a pirated copy – the copy protection will be triggered. If you knowingly allow a pirate copy of your legal copy to be made by someone else, it will trigger the copy protection.
If you purchase a copy of a program for someone else, give them that copy, and then retain a copy for yourself, it will trigger the copy protection. But if you delete all copies in your possession upon giving that copy to someone else, it will not.
The copy protection is designed to trigger if the program is benefitted from in a situation where fair value is not being returned for fair value. If you’re benefitting from the program, the only time it will not trigger the copy protection is if:

  • You paid for the program, and have retained all copies for your own use.
  • You transferred a copy you paid for without keeping any copies for yourself or anyone else.
  • You are exposed to a copy that was paid for, without having a copy yourself.
  • You have not made, distributed, used, downloaded, or knowingly allowed anyone else to make, distribute, use their own copy of or download the program without having paid for that copy.

If you want to use a Hypnotype program, you must pay for what you use.

Q: Do you use copy protection in your subliminals?

A: Anti-piracy measures include
Hypnotype is trademarked globally and so it is illegal for any other individual or organization to use this word in any product for sale or to make profit in any way. All images used in Hypnotype are copyrighted globally and so it is illegal for any other individual or organization to copy or later these images in any product for sale or to make profit in any way.
The training software used in Hypnotype has a Global Patent and so it is illegal for any other individual or organization to use this software in any way in any product for sale or to make profit

Q: What does your copyright protection do?

A: The anti-piracy measures in Hypnotype are designed to cause people who would pirate our software in whole or any part therein, and commit piracy in general, to stop doing so. If you pirate one of our programs with anti-piracy measures in place, the program will work differently than normal.

Q: How do you know your copy protection works?

A: It’s simple. If the main program works on you, so will the copy protection.
You may not be aware of what it is doing if you pirate Hypnotype, but it is working.

H: Hypnotype Future

Q: Will you create a Hypnotype for me for a skill that I request?

A: No not at the moment.
“Hypnotype Version I” was launched in Sep 2015 and new Hypnotype programs are under development for new skills as this answer is being typed. However if you forward your suggestions they will be taken under consideration and we will reply to you as soon as a decision has been made to develop a requested new Hypnotype skill set.